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Lidroid file is an android file manager developed by Lidroid developer team and released by Lidroid forum. It provides users not only those commonly u

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This is a tribute to Steve Jobs from us. It contains all the fascinating facts from his birth to beyond.Steve Jobs is the greatest visionary of moder

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Tapatalk 4 4.0.26

Celebrating our 4 years anniversary - This is the public beta release of Tapatalk 4. Final release of this app will be merged with Tapatalk HD and w

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FLock 0.4.1

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Simply type in a Chinese character and it shows you its animated stroke order instantly. You can change the stroke speed in settings if you find it ha

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Groove 1.8

This theme is as minimal and stylish as it can get. You'll never be bored with the 83 arcus variants available with this.ARCUS You can choose from the

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字符图 2.04

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百度壁纸 2.4.4

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Torchie 3.0

Turn on/off super bright flashlight / LED / torch on your phone instantly by holding both volume buttons / keys together! It's quick, fast, innovative

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No More! 1.6.0

No More! A clean and elegant app that supports you daily in overcoming any weakness which is holding you back from becoming a better person. It does n

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ICondy 1.5.1

This app will merge the many icon packs into one icon pack.In simple words, using this app user can create their own icon packs and apply the same via

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Chromium developer

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DR族 2.5.0

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BitTorrent Sync is a brand new product from BitTorrent that lets you sync an unlimited number of files and folders of any size across all of your trus

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BlackPOP 2.51

BlackPOP Make your phone or tablet 'pop' with ultra clean blacked-out icons, wallpapers, bonus widgets, and full multi-launcher support ☺♡ FEATURES●

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Catch every moment of your life, save memories of both sunny or rainy days and make them glorious with help of our new photo editor app. Apply its mul

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