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MosaicGenius 1.2.6

This app is free and easy application to create photo mosaic by yourself in a second. Features 1. Custom blur radius and mosaic size 2. Face detection

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Alimail 2.6.1

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HoloConvert is the brand new, best-looking unit conversion app for Android! Packed with features and designed to be easy to use, HoloConvert replaces

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The Reborn

This theme is made for the fans of white ui. Its a beautiful mixtures of white backgrounds and lots if fresh colored icons. All the elements of this t

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杭州公交 1.0.7

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海尔优家 3.1.1

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Identify Pokémon from Pokémon GO screenshots - works for previously caught creatures as well as gray silhouettes. Pick a saved screenshot of the Sight

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HomeSwipe 1.5

HomeSwipe can replace launching GoogleNow(Search). By swiping home button from your navigation bar, you can quickly launch features EVERYWHERE and ANY

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挖哇 3.2.0

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GRVY 1.9

! Important ! - this theme requires custom ROM with full updated Substratum supportGRVY - the way themes should be - combines attention to smallest de

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Sometimes, when we look outside the window, the only thing we can honestly say is: Oh s**t!Well, let Fu*** Weather app do that for you. It will check

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Qunar 2.1.5

Qunar app lets you save money and time when searching for flight! Qunar.com is Chinese leading platform of flight searching and booking, Qunar app Chi

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Trendy and lightweight app to track the most important events from your life. View days elapsed after an event or the remaining days. With this app yo

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Meizu Memos 1.2.2

魅族便签是一款极简的快速记录工具,图文记录、待办事项、强大涂鸦、云端同步满足广大用户日常的基础记录。化繁为简,有趣好玩,这是魅族便签方便工作、生活的目标。【我们能帮你做些什么】- 云同步储存,多设备同步,信息安全不丢失- 多级目录设置,灵活管理学习、工作和生活- 快速定位便签内容,享受高效的快感-

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PHHHOTO® shoots moving pictures that loop forever.• Instant animated camera brings everything to life• Quicker than video, better than stills• Like, c

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信用管家 3.1.6

想了解个人征信?想知道个人信用报告情况?下载信用管家,不仅能查征信,防逾期,还可以快速贷款,办信用卡! 信用管家是一款征信查询,个人信用报告查询记录的工具,最权威的征信查询信用报告系统,快速查询个信企业征信报告,在线解读用户征信报告,并指导用户消除信用卡逾期,申办信用卡,投资理财,借贷借款,小额贷款

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