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Gurk II 1.07

The super-charged sequel to the famous 8-bit RPG, Gurk II is a huge new adventure with all of the most requested features added: quests, music, sound,

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MrMixit 1.0

MrMixit is a spin-based matching game where you must frantically mix record labels against the clock. Freak and tweak the turntables to assemble symbo

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Escapology is a simple yet challenging puzzle solving game with a unique atmosphere, challenging levels and beautiful graphics. Your task in each leve

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Bruce Lee

Fight for justice as the greatest martial artist of all time – BRUCE LEE!Defeat thousands of enemies with powerful attacks in amazing, non-stop, 2-D a

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iBasket 11.0.3

★★★More than 15,000,000 downloads worldwide ★★★ ★WHAT THE SPECIALIZED BLOGS ARE SAYING: -"iBasket is a basketball game that is as simple as it is

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HR Battle 2

隨著快樂的全明星戰賽季的到來,我們特別為全世界棒球迷們準備了精彩活動。★活動日期: 2013.07.10 16:00 ~ 07.17 16:00 ★活動內容 1. 完整版0元! 活動期間只要登錄遊戲,不需要消耗星星也能立即升級至完整版。(免費哦~!) 2.夢寐以求的女性角色5折銷售! 3.

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Dracula 4 1.0.0

Dracula 4: The Shadow Of The Dragon is on SALE with 60% off today with AppGratis.comA cargo ship carrying a valuable collection of artwork for the Me

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The world of balancing a marble needs a new hero. Will it be you?Falling Marbles is a dazzling casual-balance game where you have to keep one importan

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RacingMoto 1.2.11

Racing Moto is a fast paced racing game. You never dare drive so fast in the real world! Control your moto with incredible fast speed during traffic r

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Shogun 1.2.18

Please try the demo version before buying the game to avoid compatibility issues.★★★★★★★★★★We created this game as a tribute to the old-school manic s

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Form your own pirate crew and set sail for adventure!Use the simple tap controls to pull off powerful combos!The world of One Piece awaits you!-An All

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rymdkapsel 3.0.2

"Rymdkapsel makes its more ornate competitors feel needlessly garnished." - New York Times, nytimes.com rymdkapsel is a meditative strategy game set

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Register to get 1650CP worth of items! Get 1630CP worth of items + 2 SR monsters by reaching a set character Lv! It is a time of war and chaos. Begi

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Quell+ 1.78

***** Thanks to all the players who have already fallen in love with Quell, Quell Reflect, and Quell Memento ***** Quell is an enchanting game of l

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Are you a super fan of bubble style games ( Bubble Bust, Shoot Bubble, Bubble Blast,Bubble Bus

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Magicka 1.2.2

Magicka - Wizards of the Square Tablet: Now you can accidentally set your friends on fire from anywhere!"Magicka Wizards of the Square Tablet is hands

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Hyper Trip is a frenetic reflex game set in a futuristic 3D neon lit environment. THE CONTROLS?Tap left or right to guide a square. THE GOAL?Avoid hit

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"I guarantee you will love this game." -- Kotaku.com"So smart and so well-made, why wasn't it created a billion years ago?" -- JayIsGames.com"A new ty

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"Ridiculous yet Amazing" -USA TodayYou are BIG. You are TASTY. You are kicking some brittle undead @*$!Pizza Vs. Skeletons is an epic, ridiculous, 2D

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5/5 Stars - GameZebo.com - “ Ranch Rush 2 is a perfect example of a time management game done right”.8/10 Stars - Tapscape – “Ranch Rush 2 will keep y

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Penguin 1.3.9

The classic penguin game. Your mission is to hit penguin as far as possible when it falls down. Pro version is ad free and no casual quit caused by ad

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Coin Pirates 1.1.14

Coin Game with Over 10 Million downloads World Wide!Rates Revision Kindly take note that due to the changes made by the App Store in Japan on Oct 18th

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Drive the SuperTrain around the traintracks, collecting fiery orbiters and avoiding crashing into the Red Trains! Control the path of the SuperTrain

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Classic pick and shoot arcade shooter with a strong mafia stylization and gripping black-and-white comics graphics.Plays great on Android tablets and

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Lionheart 1.5.3

Rally your Heroes! Plan every move in this FREE tactical RPG with stunning 3D graphics. Adventure across the realm or take your fight online to challe

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You are the Prince of Persia on a daring rescue mission to save your Princess.  Fulfill your destiny, play this game, and experience the thrills and

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New Cartoon Defense, finally coming back. Now, it is time for us to attack. Let’s force the dragon off and have the treasure.Cartoon Defense is a defe

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