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夜间模式 3.7.3

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GPS Data 3.6.0

GPS Data - essential application for all GPS users with splendid Holo interface.It offers you presentation of all data from your GPS device. If you ha

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Donation version of the TEAM BatteryBarCurrently 50% Off! 100k Celebration Sale!!! Please ensure the free version works on your device before donating

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SketchBook 2.1.3

Autodesk SketchBook Mobile is a professional-grade paint and drawing application designed for your mobile phone. SketchBook® Mobile offers a full set

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I think "Clear for iPhone" is a cool App, so I make the koalcat's Clear for Android ^_^ I don't want this app to be a copycat, so it will be not exac

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An application to search Docker hub.Can't search Docker hub from your mobile? Don't worry now you can. This applications whole purpose is to let you s

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Berrynotes 1.0.5

Say hello to Berrynotes, your new note taking assistant. The best assistants are there when you need them, and that's why Berrynotes is always there w

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Baidu Cloud 100.4.105

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ConvertIt! 3.1.1

Get the quickest and most intuitive Unit Converter on Google Play!ConvertIt! is optimised for smartphones and tablets and converts 1400+ units from 90

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P.Tracker 1.0.1169.291c05f

The best period tracking app on Android!Period Tracker is a classy, pleasant, and discrete interface to track your periods, daily moods, health sympto

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Are you a fan of Ubuntu OS? Then you must've heard that Ubuntu is coming to Android. But there's still a long time before you'll actually get your h

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「买买买」· 专业的买手选款
:时尚买手带你窥探明星衣橱,揭秘时下最 In 单品,成为你口袋购物的最佳选择;· 体贴的穿衣助手:每天都有各

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File Manager 1.0.5

Ultra File Manager is a smart and super file management, clean interface and user-friendly, lets you manage files quickly and conveniently.Key Feature

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来杯Java 2.0.1

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Do you want to apps new Android device on your install but not enough space? Do demand to increase the speed of your Android device? By installing, M

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标题 4.1

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