4D Compass 2.9 [free]


Augmented Reality Compass.
Panoramic Compass.
Show planets positions
also show towns around your GPS position without internet connection.
Please leave comments for improvements.
This compass uses the magnetometer, gyroscope(if available) and the accelerometer. it’s a full featured IMU (9DOF), with highly efficient stabilization algorithm.
Tested on “Nexus S”,”Galaxy S2″ and “HTC Sensation 4G”.
Slide the screen to zoom.
- Don’t forget to calibrate(*) your compass, if you see the magnet.
To acheive this, you must rotate your phone (at least 180A° in all directions)
if the magnet continues,
- Stand back from iron objects.
- Remove your magnetic case.
if the magnet persist:
- Unplug or replug the device (the cable also emit magnetism)
- Restart (!) Device. (curious Android feature)
(*) : there is no bad magnetometers (magnetic north sensor), only bad calibrations. And sometimes ill-algorithms “separation”. The problem with these sensors is that the phone itself sends a strong magnetism. Sometimes even the act of playing a sound, recharge or activate the camera disrupts this sensor.
To separate the constant magnetic device to that of the earth, we must make him make important rotations in all directions.
4d compass contains an algorithm for error detection. It indicates a problem by drawing a big red magnet.
4d compass also contains its own separation algorithm, applied on top of that made by Android.

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