Game of Earth: Virtual City Manager 1.3.2 [free]


Build & manage the virtual city of dreams or nightmares in Game of Earth - the fast-paced city sim management game.
As the president of Earth 2.0, you have ultimate control over what happens in your city. By listening to your advisors, making choices, funding projects and investing, you
can turn your city into an eco-friendly paradise or a carbon polluted wasteland.★ MAKE DECISIONS THAT SHAPE YOUR CITY
A key part of managing and building a city is making tough decisions. Luckily, your three advisors are around to give you some – occasionally not so great – advice!
You’ll be given the opportunity to invest and fund projects, make decisions on immigration and public transport, decide how your megacity recycles (or doesn’t) and more.
Each decision you make will increase or decrease city growth, carbon pollution and your bank account.★ GO GREEN OR GO MEAN?
Choose the types of buildings you’d like to construct in your city – do you build cheaper, industrial buildings that produce more money but more pollution, or eco-friendly
buildings to help improve the air quality in the city?
Invest in renewable energy, recycling, public transport and more, or prioritise population growth and money at the cost of carbon pollution. Through making wise decisions,
you’ll be able to strike a balance and create a paradise your citizens love to call home!★ MANAGE CITY GROWTH
Balance clean air, citizen growth and treasury funds to keep your virtual city growing at a controlled rate. If population growth rockets out of control, your city may
expand too quickly for you to handle! If your funds run out or citizens start leaving your city and your population drops to 0, it’s game over.
Only a lousy president would have a city where nobody lives there!
-------------------------------------------------GAME OF EARTH – HIGHLIGHTS
• Endless gameplay – manage your city for as long as possible
• If your population hits 0 or you go bankrupt it’s game over
• Invest, fund projects and make important decisions on policies
• Manage your funds, population growth and pollution to keep your city healthy
• Choose whether to build industrial or eco-friendly buildings
• Dynamic gameplay ensures no two games are identical
• Addictive, fast-paced city sim manager
• Spin the gacha to get rewards & prizes to help you build a better city
• Beautifully designed artwork and changing seasons
Only you – the president of Earth 2.0 – know how to outwit the climate change deniers, greedy capitalists and conspiracy theorists to keep your virtual city growing. With
fast-paced, dynamic gameplay, no play through is exactly the same!
You’ll have hours of fun – and frustration – building the city of your dreams in Game of Earth!MANAGE & BUILD THE ULTIMATE MEGACITY – DOWNLOAD GAME OF EARTH TODAY!

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