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Volt 1.2

Volt - Battery on the looseYou were on the way to a recycling process when fortunately for you, and unfortunately for the environment - you could acci

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Remember the TV show ? Remember the Challenge ? Now!! It's you turn Let's IRA IRA!! **40 Stage ** ONE way ** No Reason No answer **ONLY PL

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Riptide GP2 1.3.1

Riptide GP™2 kicks everything into overdrive, with intense online multi-player races, upgradeable hydro jets and riders, improved graphics, an all-new

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Button Up! 0.9.9

Puzzle your way through the tiny world of Button Up! A fun game that sees you bond, bust, blast, swap, smash and shuffle over hundreds of levels!Butto

25.01 MB

Throw deadly shurikens, dodge faster than the wind, use your katana to parry furious incoming attacks and beat bosses with amazing elemental powers! I

9.04 MB

The arcade classics ultimate mega mix. It's a flying disc game which is a fun blend of Air Hockey and Ping Pong games. A pure oldschool awesomeness,

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Christmas 1.20

一起玩陶艺圣诞版Let's Create! Christmas是玩陶艺系列的最新作品,游戏中的各种陶瓷都换成了漂亮的圣诞物品,画面更加的漂亮。 在这款创意游戏中,有一个转动着的制作台,你在上面放上陶土,然后就可以勾勒出现在想要呈现的形状,并慢慢的修改,然后上釉,绘制自己喜爱的图案,最后制作出自己

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DH Reloaded 3.8.2

The most REALISTIC and AUTHENTIC hunting sim returns. It's time to RELOAD your rifles and take to the wilds of North America to bag the BIGGEST GAME o

42.56 MB

Enjoy the simplicity and retro feeling of a space shooter boosted by incredible voxel graphics and vintage effects.Defend our solar system against wav

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Shadow Blade 1.5.1

Kuro is a young man on his quest to become the Shadow Blade. He must seek the teachings of the last remaining ninja master. Enhanced for MOGA!Includes

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Cavemania 1.6.0

Cavemania is a match-3 game with strategy… and dinosaurs! From the developers of Age of Empires and Age of Mythology comes a new kind of match

22.37 MB
SkyGuard 1.3.3

Best DOS Paratrooper remake!Now you can move the tank with tilt and crush the paratroopers.

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Zixxby1 1.4.2

Zixxby! An inovative game of extreme UFO flying and tactical shooting fun! A beautiful, quirky game! Totally addictive! Hidden Gem: ZIXXBY! arcad

21.68 MB

“To set foot on the soil of the asteroids, to lift by hand a rock from the Moon, to observe Mars from a distance of several tens of kilometers, to lan

29.73 MB

You can now play Pure Chess cross-platform with your friends!Pure Chess puts other games in checkmate! Are you a Grandmaster in the making?"The pretti

4.47 MB
Gravity 1.1

First person 3D puzzle game. Use your gun to move and interact with the world around you and solve physics based puzzles. 12 levels plus 3 bonus level

21.57 MB

Challenge the extreme of speed and distance! Fast paced 3D racing game and easy to get started Unlock most fantastic cars by skillful plays, and c

11.21 MB
Colosseum 1.0.3

Please be noted that Colosseum is available for Android 2.2 and above.─────────────────────The original Colosseum has finally landed on the Android Ma

17.92 MB

The follow up to the hit puzzle action game Tank Hero has finally arrived! Charge your lasers and get ready to take the fight to new battlegrounds tha

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