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ねこあつまるな Updated 1.1

あなたは猫が大好き。そして、街中の猫もあなたが大好き。 でも、残念なことにあなたは猫アレルギーなのです…。 操作は簡単。端末を傾けるだけ。がんばって逃げてください!! このアプリの開発者は、安心・安全なアプリの開発者であるとしてアンドロイダーの公認デベロッパーに認証されています。https://an

11.89 MB

Mini-games that two people can play 1.Tanks 2.PingPong 3.Alkkagi (pushing piece out) 4.janggi (Oriental Chess) 5.Omok (Matching Five Piece) 6.Chess An

33.64 MB

Az arGO egy mászkálós játék valós térben és valós időben, csak nem fura lényekre kell vadászni, hanem autókat kell ellopni. Az alkalamzás egy rendkívü

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Whack A Fly Updated 4.3

Are you sick of pesky flies? Get revenge in Whack A Fly where you have your chance to crush as many flies as your heart desires. Use simple controls t

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UNREST Updated 1.8.6

【簡単な紹介】 化物が徘徊する館で金の回収・人の救出・爆弾の設置などの条件をクリアしつつ脱出するゲームです。 ジャンルとしてはホラー系ですが、グロテスクな表現などは全くないのでどなたでも遊んでいただけます。 課金要素も一切ないので安心です。 【ゲームの内容について】 館は真っ暗闇で、プレイヤーは見え

66.94 MB
Tiny Rails Updated 2.10.06

Manage your train company from modest engine to multi-car masterpiece in this immersive, world-spanning game from Tiny Titan Studios. Deliver passenge

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Thunder - lights for FREE Updated 1.0.15

The game of the purpose is to destroy the enemy while destroying the block and the enemy with lightning by setting the thunder cloud with the Bomb but

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Take Me To Mars - glow stickman is the most addictive mars games on the play store...It is one of the best New Games of the Month for all ages having

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TAMAMORI Updated 4.0.0

迫りくる兵士と火の粉から珠を守りましょう! 珠を守った時間が長いほど得点が加算されます。 全国ランキングで上位を目指しましょう! 2016/06/25 全国ランキング機能公開 2018/08/23 全国ランキングを常設 Let's protect the beads from the fight

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Stereo Copter Updated tryx.v1.94

+ Rescue victims + Put out wildfires + You can set game background picture + You can set your own music as game soundtrack + Many missions + Dodge or

25.85 MB
Rise of Kiruru Updated 4.0.5

Rise of Kiruru is the best innovative mix between multiplayer online Arena games and Card games. Create your deck, choose your hero and select an aren

67.25 MB
QuestaGame Updated 8.62

QuestaGame takes you outdoors - to your backyard, a local park, a hiking trail, anywhere - for you to discover, learn about, and help monitor biodiver

19.43 MB
Muffins and Apples Updated 25

Chris is on one of those new crazy diets, you know, the muffin and apple one. Too many muffins will kill Chris, but his jogging and occasional apple m

9.86 MB
Little Krishna Updated 4.4.159

Experience the excitement of the best endless runner game of 2017. Play as the darling of Vrindavan - The mischievous Little Krishna. Help him escape

68.02 MB
DangerousMailplane Updated 1.03

Did you use to own a Commodore 64? Or are you a younger Commodore 64 fan who has installed an emulator? Have you ever played a text adventure like 'Th

47.87 MB
Danger Zones Updated 1.0.32

Danger Zones is a puzzle game where you try to reach the goal. You play as a small and clever robot that needs to reach the goal in each level. The lo

49.84 MB

The Cooking fest is an addictive, time management cooking game for girls, boys, kids and everyone, to cook and serve delicious food. Have you ever dre

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ねこ走り Updated 3.2.0

ビルの上を走って小梅(ヒロイン)の元にたどり着け! ねこ丸(主人公のネコ)は3段ジャンプまで出来るぞ。 画面タップでジャンプ! 全部で100のステージがあるぞ。 Tadoritsuke to the original small plum (heroine) ran over the build

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Bubble Heroes Galaxy Updated 4.3.13

Join the bubble shooter superstar league and fight to defend the galaxy! If you love space shooting games and can’t get enough of fun brain teasers, P

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Blockstroyer Updated 1.1.4

You like breaking bricks? Blockstroyer will make you happy without any doubt. Looking classic at the beginning, it offers a lot of smart tricks to be

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