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Коллекция лучших загадок! Загадки - это игра, в которой вы сможете усовершенствовать ваши логические навыки. Если возникнут сложности с ответом – на п

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Fire Finger Updated 1.0

Tap the screen by your finger as many times as you can, and check your speed

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This unofficial Cardfight Vanguard Database allows players of the Cardfight Vanguard Trading Card Game (TCG) to access details of all the officially r

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Are you looking for a cute virtual pet your child can play with? MEET DEE – a new kind of virtual pet games your kids will adore! It’s My Virtual Toot

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PickCrafter Updated 5.8.00

PickCrafter is an addictive Minecraft inspired mobile game. Mine gems, craft pickaxes and buy chests full of treasure with PickCrafter!Tap or swing to

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Daily Sudoku Free Updated 1.81

This is a simple and free Sudoku game, that automatically gets a new Sudoku puzzle every day. "A Sudoku a day keeps the brain doctor away" From the me

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A game for you to release stress, relax, and feel positive emotions. Easy and interesting. Feel the joyful number coloring game and let your stress go

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If you cannot wait till Christmas than you should definitely get this amazing calendar to ease the wait. Set in a magic fantasy world you will discove

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▲▽ 「寅さんサミット記念スタンプラリー実施中」! ▽▲ 映画『男はつらいよ』50周年記念にあわせて、「男はつらいよ」のロケ地から50の駅を選出。駅奪取と共に「男はつらいよ」の聖地巡礼の旅へ! ▲▽▲▽▲ ルーキー応援キャンペーン実施中! ▲▽▲▽▲ チュートリアルクリアでサクサク遊べるアイテムをG

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Save Tsvika Updated 1.62

An interactive game for the whole family. Ramot for the Environment invites you to reach the route that begins at the Hedgehog Garden, in the Ramot ne

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Photo Quiz Updated 1.2

Photo Quiz - The quick guessing game Photo Quiz is all about recognising the photo as soon as possible. You get to know new planets, football stadiums

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NINJA MINI Updated 4.0.7

When it comes to ninja hero, one often thinks of Japan's ninja legends. But here, this ninja game takes the player into the ninja battle (of mini ninj

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Rivalisez avec l'IA de votre téléphone ou de votre tablette. Le but du jeu est de trouver le plus long mot à partir de 10 lettres tirées au hasard. *S

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This is the best free Hot O Meter face scanner hotness detector prank app available! Plus you can control who's face is hot, average, ugly or a dog (s

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Ice Crush 2 Updated 2.9.4

Ice Crush is a brand new game from the makers of Ice Crush! Switch and swap, match 3 ice crystals, combine the square match, challenge snow monsters a

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Libri im ngjyroses Updated 1.2.2

Zbuloni një mënyrë të re për të vizatuar dhe ngjyrosur Dhelpren, Ariun, Zhapikun, Ksilofonin, Qenin apo Xhuxhin. Veçoritë kryesore: - Ngjyrosja e ilus

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Guess Football PRO, is a guessing game of the latest and most complete logo in 2020. You will be challenged to guess every football logo team in world

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Space Cone Updated 1.2.8

Touch & build your World Wonders in outer space! “Space Cone” is a tiny simple quick fix game. Let’s build our own space pyramid with tons of ridiculo

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Bible Coloring - Color By Number is the first Bible coloring game on Google Play. Just explore the gallery of Godly pictures, choose a lovely one, and

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Cats the Commander Updated 4.13.1

◆ The explosive birth of new cat game! ◆ Easy to play for anyone! Super cute Cat and hyper Simple RPG! Beginners are welcome! Of course game freaks an

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