Snake Mania 1.9 [free]


This Snake Game free unfolds a new exciting and adventurous world for its players. It is really simple to play and does not take much of your efforts. You can play it with
a single finger, move your finger freely but be careful of the hurdles along your way. Every hurdle may either break you or make you. Swipe your finger and be the
navigator of a snake of colorful balls, mostly pink and yellow. Keep your eyes on your smartphone screen or otherwise you may miss securing the highest score just by a
matter of second. This free snake game reminds you of your childhood’s most cherished snake and ladder game.
Playing this game is too much fun! This game is not only the best time killer but also a perfect stress buster. If you are bored of all the conventional games on the Play
store, you must try your hands at this Snake Game free. With inbuilt advanced control features, this game works smoothly on any device.
How to play this Snake Game free?
Swipe your finger and move a snake of balls, keep adding more balls to the snake and you’ll be surprised to see how big your colorful snake could turn out. For any number
brick that you may break, either you will be awarded or penalized. But be unstoppable, fall apart as many number of bricks you can. The number of bricks you break is
instantly deducted from the number of balls that make up your snake bigger. You need to be calculative and smart while hitting the breaks or else you may end up losing the
game. The best part about this latest Snake Game is that it allows you to break bricks without setting any threshold limit to it. The game is all yours and so is the way
of playing.
Beat your own highest score or even you can throw open challenges to your friends added to your friend list on Facebook or contacts added on whatsapp. It is a sheer
pleasure seeing yourself beat the highest scores. This snake game free is quite addictive. It is not a one-timer game. You have to play it often to have a command over it.
It is easy to play but difficult to crack.
With its easy user-interface, this game becomes much simpler to play. Snake mania Game is the most trending game amongst adults and kids. This latest snake game is
engaging and interesting at the same time. Explore a world that is full of colours and excitement with Snake Mania. It is a sweet escape from reality and it gives you a
quality time with yourself. This simple game can do wonders when it comes to killing work boredom or killing time. Made with a blend of creativity and innovation, this
game takes care of you and your boredom. It is a great source of entertainment.
If you are looking for a perfect Snake Game free then this game is absolutely designed for you. Install this game on your smartphone and hand it over to your little ones.
You will be surprised to see how magical this game is for your kids. It has the potential to enhance the focus, concentration and memory power of your kid. Why only kids!
If you too find it hard to concentrate on work or in life, you can too try your hands at this game. Because of its simplicity and easy user interface, it is fully enjoyed
and loved by people of all categories from an adult to a kid. This is not all! This game has everything that you have been looking in any game, flexibility, simplicity and
easy control mechanism.
Snake Mania has multiple advantages. It also teaches the basic Math equations to kids. Every move that you make requires you do some mental calculations or otherwise you
would lose the plot. You go everywhere from right to left or from up to down, you will see the bricks scattered everywhere. Guide your snake ball and break the right brick
at the right moment.
· Simple
· Easy to play
· Easy user interface
· Advanced control mechanism
· Perpetual
· Fascinating graphics
· Flexible
· Unique hurdles at every point of time
· Best alternative over the conventional games

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  • App Name: Snake Mania
  • Category: Tools
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  • Version: 1.9
  • Requirement: 4.1 or higher
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  • Updated: 2019-01-12