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Закажите такси одним кликом! Просто отметьте точку на карте, чтобы указать место назначения. Программа сама определит ваше местоположение при включенн

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Такси Всегда Updated 4.7.9

Служба «Такси Всегда» — это удобное и функциональное приложение для тех, кто хочет быстро и недорого заказать такси в городах: Санкт-Петербург, Сыктыв

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ロト7、ロト6、ミニロト、ナンバーズ4、ナンバーズ3、ビンゴ5に対応した、宝くじ速報・管理アプリ!速報チェック、当選確認、クイックピック当選祈願、よく出る数字の解析ができる!宝くじの最新結果がわかりやすく表示されます! 過去バージョンにて不具合修正がございますので最新のバージョンへのアップデートをお

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热门免费小说阅读器-玄幻都市修仙-网络言情小说大全-电子书txt看书软件 ~~~~~~功能介绍~~~~~~ 1、资源丰富,更新及时。强大的搜索功能,为您推荐喜欢的小说; 2、贴心、强大、专业的榜单、图书推荐内容设计、为您提供丰富变化繁多的图书选择; 3、男生女生精选热门小说,免去您选书的烦恼; 4、

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חינמית, קריאה והפעלה נוחה, ללא פרסומות, ללא צורך בחיבור לאינטרנט, ללא עדכונים אוטומטים. Free calling and convenient operation, no ads, no internet c

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eHub Updated 4.13.0

eHub by TEAM Software eHub Mobile is an employee and customer self-service app for the building service and security industries. eHub Mobile gives you

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Yard Sale Treasure Map Updated 7.7.0

Chart your course to yard sale treasure! Finding yard sales near you has never been more fun and easy! Yard Sale Treasure Map is an app for accessing

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YDS de en çok çıkan 3000 kelimeye internetsiz ulaşabilir ve bu kelimelerin örnek cümleleri ile öğrenmenizi kalıcı hale getirin. Başarılar... Tags: YDS

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moving-pictures Updated 2.0.2

Mit unserer App können Sie Ihren virtuelle Rundgänge Offline auf Ihrem Tablet oder Smartphone nutzen. Der Download wird mithilfe eines Download-Schlüs

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mTest Updated 1.0.5

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탐톡: 채팅,무료채팅,돌싱,미팅,소개팅,만남 좋은 사람을 만나도 가깝지 않으면 만남을 유지하기가 힘들죠. 위치기반 만남앱으로 자신과 가까운 사람을 찾거나 메모를 남긴사람에게 연락을 할 수 있습니다. 불필요한 군더더기는 빼고, 쪽지와 알림기능, 본인과 가까운 사람찾아주는

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Tafayor Task Killer lets you close all running apps, and as a result it frees up memory and saves the battery life and increases the performance of yo

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The Football Trainer Updated 2.8.0

A must have for every soccer coach. Set up a professional training session within 5 minutes. This free lite version of our successful application "Soc

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Same game Updated 1.2

Train your mind with this classic puzzle game. Tap group of squares with the same color to break them. You solve the puzzle by clearing the board. You

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Signal Strength 3G, 4G, 5G, WiFi - Speed Test Tool for recovering 3G, 4G, 5G, WiFi signal strength and internet speed test You need to refresh and res

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This is a theme with led neon blue framed message box over a black background for SMS+MMS Messages application: please install SMS Messages main progr

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Shows progress bar directly in status bar for ongoing notifications containing progress barTired of pulling down notification shade every time you wan

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Games, giftcards and in-game credit directly on your phone or tablet with the Startselect app. Thanks to the new app from Startselect, your bought gam

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Soli Sandbox Updated

Soli Sandbox is a way to connect your web prototypes to Soli interactions on Pixel 4.[1] Create a prototype on your computer, and set it in motion wit

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X Service Updated 1.0.3

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