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【特徴】 農業支援システム「アグリノート」の Android アプリです。スマートフォンやタブレットから、作業記録や生育記録が入力・閲覧できます。圃場選択も一覧からだけではなく、マップからも選択できます。GPS機能を使えば、現在位置も確認できます。(現在、マップはGoogle Map のみ対応。Ya

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Store Updated 3.5.3

La nueva gama de productos de Cellforce ya está aquí. Cellforce "Store" es el centro de todo el poder de Cellforce en una sola aplicación, en la cual

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Pydio Updated 2.3.2

Access and share the files hosted on your Pydio server directly from your Android device! Pydio - Put Your Data In Orbit - is an open source file shar

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Infraspeak Updated 1.8.1

Infraspeak makes maintenance management simple and efficient with a simple app that keeps track of interventions in sync with other interfaces. Infras

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Forms binders - Database Updated 4.494

▷ Simple and powerful An innovative solution to manage your database. Much more efficient than conventional databases. • Easily create your forms and

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Plataforma compuesta principalmente por una aplicación móvil de muy fácil manejo para la administración, gestión de créditos y cobros a tus clientes.

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Sunarp Updated 2.4.1

Aplicación oficial de la Superintendencia Nacional de los Registros Públicos - Sunarp, donde podrás: - NUEVO: Consultar el estado de tus tìtulos. - Co

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Localiza PY Updated 1.0.11

LOCALIZA PY es una empresa privada de rastreo satelital y logística que utiliza la más alta tecnología del mercado. Usted podrá consultar en tiempo re

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MAGE by NGA Updated 6.3.3

The Mobile Awareness GEOINT Environment, MAGE, provides dynamic capabilities for mobile situational awareness. Originally developed to support first r

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Linchpin Mobile Updated 4.1.0

With Linchpin Mobile you have your intranet with you - anywhere and at all times. Built upon Atlassian Confluence, the Linchpin suite allows companies

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Drive Updated

* With Google Drive, you can store all your files in one place, so you can access them from anywhere and share them with others * Use the Google Dr

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Time Tracker - Timesheet Updated 3.2.40

Gleeo Time Tracker is a simple project and task based time recording tool. Gleeo Time Tracker allows efficient and exact time recording. The user inte

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Code Editor Updated 0.5.6

Code editor is an optimized text editor focused on coding. It is a handy tool for development on Android. It contains necessary features for coding, i

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The ID Factory Updated

The ID Factory permits to its customers to have in real time all the traceability information about their supplies (PO number, lot batch number, deliv

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AI 기술로 도와드릴게요 음성 기록을 눈으로 보며 듣는, 클로바노트 “녹음은 잘 했는데, 언제 다 들어보죠?” 대화를 눈으로 보며 음성 기록을 찾아 들어보세요. #눈으로 보며 듣는 음성 기록 녹음이 종료되면 음성 기록이 텍스트로 자동 변환돼요. 변환된 음성 기록을 편집

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নামাজের সময় নির্ভর করে মূলত সূর্যের অবস্থানের উপর। এ কারনেই সূর্যের অবস্থান পরিবর্তন হওয়ার সাথে সাথে নামাজের সময়সূচি পরিবর্তন হয়। প্রত্যেক মুসলিম উম্ম

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Tareas Zeus Updated 5.2.3

Zeus es un ecosistema basado en la tecnología móvil que ayuda a estandarizar y realizar actividades de manera eficiente en sucursales conectando los o

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Shift Work Schedule Updated 3.1.2

Shift Work Schedule is a free calendar and work shift schedule widget. This app features a simple yet elegant calendar and widget that you can use to

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Safe Notes is a password-protected notepad that's safe, smart, easy to use and free! Safe Notes gives you a complete and simple notepad to create text

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Mi Updated 4.7.0

Advoco NetPBX® is a flexible cloud-based PBX solution with broad functionality that you can access wherever you are. The app Mi holds together your co

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