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Programming Ideas 2 Updated 3.0

OVERVIEW This app was developed to provide programmers of all proficiency levels, ideas for pet projects to work on when they are looking to increase

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行動版 PTT 最有設計感的 App! 新世代的 PTT 瀏覽器 簡約中帶點從容的介面設計,最體貼的獨家功能讓你愛不釋手, PTT 帳號切換功能讓你換個 ID 繼續推一樣的話給 PTT 的鄉民看,完整的看板資訊顯示絕不遺漏, 全版文章瀏覽介面,從此不用在夾縫中求生存,沒有三下巴也沒有高額頭, ANS

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HUDWAY Go is a simple GPS navigation app for drivers. It keeps it very intuitive and non-distracting, displaying just the outline of the road you’re d

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HTVC Updated 3.9

HTVC - Ứng dụng xem truyền hình và video theo yêu cầu nay đã xuất hiện trên Google Play với các tính năng nổi bật: ● Xem được gần 100 kênh truyền hình

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Cloud Sky Photo Frames Updated 1.0.6

Decorate your pictures with high quality Cloud sky photo frames easily just in 1 step! Make your photo even so beautiful and memorable to keep one of

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Bubble Photo Frames Updated 1.0.6

Decorate your pictures with high quality Bubble photo frames easily just in 1 step! Make your photo so memorable and creative with beautiful foam bubb

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ClassAdLister is fully functional for free, but for a limited time get the ClassAdLister Pro subscription for an entire year for $9.99 ($29.99 value).

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לימוד אנגלית Updated 31.5.3

האפליקציה כוללת: - אותיות קטנות ואותיות גדולות - תנועות - צירופים של אותיות - דקדוק כולל: • הווה ממושך • הווה פשוט • עבר פשוט • עבר ממושך • עתיד • שם

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六合彩好好中 Updated 1.3.6

六合彩好好中 以程式快速計算,找出連續出牌的高機率數字,以提高中獎機率. [好好中]系列APP比對方式為由歷史開獎紀錄中,找出連續多期,且中獎號碼出現順序相同者,其再度開獎之機率較高. 想要提高自己的中獎機率嗎?! 快來下載[好好中]系列APP使用吧! 最新版本請到[Google Play商店]下載

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ai.type Keyboard Free Updated free.

Two days 50% DISCOUNT on PLUS version: ai.type Keyboard PLUSai.type is the smartest, most personalized keyboard for smartphones and tablets. With over

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★★★ With over 50 million downloads, aitype Keyboard is now available in Brazilian as well ★★★ (ai.type Keyboard can be found in : https://play.google.

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Tafseer-e-Usmani - Complete Quran Translation and Tafseer. The translation is written by Maulana Mehmood-ul-Hasan (ra) and Tafseer is written by Maula

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Super Fast Charger 5x Updated 1.30

Super Fast Charger 5x helps charge the battery faster than normal! When you plug the charging device, the application will automatically be activated,

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Sales Management Updated 3.2.1806171102

You are the owner of a fashion shop, electronic shops, equipment and materials for furniture...? Number of fee and profit make you headache? You want

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••• PAUSE - GUIDED MEDITATION FOR PEACE AND HAPPINESS ••• Take a deep relaxing breath with Pause. Through mindful meditation, we move toward peace, le

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Pocket money Updated

Simple, elegant, and powerful replacement for your checkbook – Pocket money tracks your finances quickly and accurately. Simple accounting program for

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Perfect Player IPTV Updated 1.4.7

Perfect Player is set-top box style IPTV/Media player for watching videos on TVs, tablets and smartphones. The app doesn't contain any channels, you n

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OCR-Text Scanner is app to recognize the characters from an image with 95% to 100% accuracy. It turns your mobile phone to text scanner. Gave support

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Numler is a Caller ID & Call Blocker that gives you all the caller information before you pick up the call, without having the caller information in y

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BASEBALL NINE Updated 1.0.4

Enjoy fast-paced, realistic baseball game, featuring compact gameplay and informative stats. Play BASEBALL NINE to become the Legend League Champion!

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