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Steam Friends Updated 2.0

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Kik Updated

Chat on your terms with Kik! • No phone numbers, just usernames.• Filters that let you decide who to talk to.• Memes, funny pics, celebrity news, vide

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YiBo Updated 2.3.0

YiBo for Android , obtain the authorization from sina completely, let you enjoy all functions for sina twitter, plus-into its unique feature. Meanwhil

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头像淘淘 Updated 5.1.882

一键炫彩联系人来电头像,高清全屏爽到爆! 3秒DIY超个性QQ、微信、来电头像!【有哪些好玩功能】 1、一键导入联系人QQ、微博、人人头像到电话本,让来电更有爱。 2、最全头像库,460个专题,10万张美图,一键炫彩联系人头像。 3、头像DIY,近300款贴图、滤镜,3秒设计你的专属QQ头

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快阅微博 Updated 13.4.28.build.16.30

這是一個對大圖瀏覽進行特別優化的新浪微博客戶端,設計方面我們傾向於更簡潔的方式。1,我們遵守Android 4.0 ICS開始引入的設計指導,希望我們的應用帶有濃重的Android風格。2,我們沒有置頂廣告和各種推薦,保持最簡潔的瀏覽體驗。瀏覽大圖的理念,源自Arming微博,在這裡對Arming微

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Forum Fiend Updated 1.3.3

Forum Fiend is the best way to stay in touch with your online discussion forums while on the go! Built on the versatile Tapatalk API, Forum Fiend is

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LOFTER Updated 5.2.2

网易LOFTER能给你不一样的记录体验,以更快速、更漂亮、更有趣的方式,记录和展现你热爱生活的一面,分享给志趣相投的朋友。 在LOFTER,你发布的内容可以漂亮展示 在LOFTER,你可以随时随地、快速的发图写字 在LOFTER,很多和你一样的人,记录着他们有趣的事 我能用LOFTE

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好奇喵 Updated 7.2.0


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Slingshot Updated 2.1

Slingshot is the best way to share life as it happens. Filter, draw and caption fullscreen photos and record looping videos, then sling them to your f

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We Heart It Updated 6.7.1

Discover inspiration and images you love every day! #HappinessWe Heart It is the place to find the most beautiful images of everything you love, inspi

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抬杠 Updated 3.7.1

★全國最大、最好玩的語音社區 ★《天天向上》欄目組強力推薦語音社交平臺, 汪涵、歐弟、延參法師、釋道心、憤怒主播萬峰等名人入駐。和明星直接語音對聊 ★千萬用戶同時線上,占星、測試、情感、兩性、人生相談……隨時隨地有人和你聊 ★數十個精品頻道打造暢聽體驗,音樂、曲藝、脫口秀、有聲小說應有盡有,讓

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Coffee Meets Bagel Updated

Get one quality match a day, every day at noon!“Coffee Meets Bagel humanizes each dating profile by allowing the recipient to focus on just one person

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语音输入板 Updated 1.5


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TweetComb Updated 2.50

TweetComb is a Twitter client for Android designed to make searching easier.Save your frequently used Twitter searches and combine them with the simpl

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Lite Updated

This version of Facebook uses less data and works in all network conditions.

Facebook Lite is:
- Fast to install — the app is less than 1 MB
- Quick

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Welike Updated

Welike新浪微博客户端6.0版重磅来袭! 超乎想象的流畅度保证让你爱不释手! 和官方客户端完全不一样的体验,蓝白色的主色调让人仿佛面对蓝天大海,说不出的清爽大气; 交互界面更加简洁、清新,浏览微博时菜单按钮全部隐藏,整个界面更开阔,获取信息更加高效快捷; 发表新微博、管理消息、浏览热门微博,均可

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MYOTee脸萌 Updated 3.4.2

★★★★★ MYOTee脸萌风靡香港facebook、twitter,受到官方推荐的2013排行榜应用。 陈慧琳、郑中基、方力申、谢安琪、周秀娜等众多香港明星都在玩!√最潮最萌的卡通画风√ √完全免费的拼脸软件√「MYOTee脸萌」是一款非常有趣的拼脸软件,即使你不会画画,也可以轻松制作你的专属

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Vine Updated 6.0.0

Vine is the best way to see and share life in motion. Create short, beautiful, looping videos in a simple and fun way for your friends and family to s

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Home Updated 1.2

With Home, you can bring the content you care about to the front of your phone. Choose to customize your experience with photos and posts from Faceboo

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Sunnycomb Updated 1.5.0

Japan’s most popular weather app is now available worldwide! Sunnycomb is a social weather app that makes weather forecasts personal by including the

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Snapchat Updated

Experience a totally new way to share today. Snap a photo or a video, add a caption, and send it to a friend (or maybe a few). They'll view it, laugh

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Nimbuzz Updated 4.6.0

Free messages, Free Calls. Unlimited! Nimbuzz Messenger lets you make cheap international voice calls, send unlimited chat messages, share files etc a

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Jellynote Updated 4.0.7

Jellynote is the new social platform about music creation and performance.With Jellynote, you have a direct access to more than 150,000 free high qual

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ET飞信精灵 Updated 2.7.8

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RootzWiki Updated 1.1.1

NO ADS! Should be much easier to navigate on a mobile device and the funds go to developer devices.Make sure to hit the share button or the tweet butt

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STAGE1 Updated 1.22

Stage1 App for Android.saraba1st、stage1、s1 论坛的android客户端。

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echo回声 Updated 6.0.0

「echo回声」一个用弹幕交流的音乐/声音APP-颠覆听觉体验你绝对不知道听歌也能这么好玩!用户90%都是90后,年轻人里最流行的音乐APP之一!发现前所未有的好听音乐、3D神奇立体音效、弹幕评论社交,还能制作微信/QQ的有声聊天表情~○ 发现你不知道的好听音乐、3D立体声音(雨声、场景立体特效声)

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Jiepang Updated 5.3.1

Jiepang – city life, friends, food, travel, music, movies, events, weibo, blog, journalJiepang 5.0 is here, check out how we’re redefining the check i

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MojiMe Updated 1.2

Create FREE personalized stickers with MojiMe and be the star of your WeChat conversations! Simply upload a pic of yourself or a buddy, select a chara

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NGA安卓版 Updated 6.4

艾泽拉斯国家地理(nga)的安卓客户端,同时支持手机和平板 有bug在论坛 @吸片没有Google 市场的可以去下面的地址下载,请不要在下载页面无脑灌水. http://www.coolapk.com/apk/7389/Q&A 为啥没有yoooo? 再第一个界面按菜单为啥yooo看不到?

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