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AlarmMon Updated 7.3.0

Over 7+ million downloads to date! ****AlarmMon, the perfect morning starter.We have designed an alarm that is perfect to wake up with every morning.

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饿了么 Updated 7.24

天气好热下雨空气差不想出去,怎么办?想叫附近外卖时发现没有外卖单,怎么办?看到一堆外卖单时不知吃哪个好,怎么办?用【饿了么】吧,我们可以提供给您:1. 快速搜罗附近外卖,不用打电话直接预订2. 我们会在第一时间利用通知您外卖状态3. 看到大家对喜欢的外卖美食的点评&照片4. 收藏您喜欢的餐厅和美食,

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MyFitnessPal Updated 6.28

Lose weight with MyFitnessPal, the world’s most popular health and fitness app! With the largest food database by far (over 5,000,000 foods), our amaz

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Noom Coach Updated 5.20.0

Get the tools you need to lose weight with Noom Coach: Weight Loss. Noom Coach is designed to help you develop healthy lifestyle choices & reach your

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Drink Water Updated 2.51

The app that helps you drink water properly. Calculate how much you need to drink each day and receive reminders . If you do not know how much you nee

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淘WiFi 2.0

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一淘火眼 1.7.8

扫码就用一淘火眼!阿里巴巴集团官方推出的创新手机扫描软件,可以扫商品条码查网价、扫描二维码,还有非常好玩的摄像头抓蝴蝶、放蝴蝶功能。8月15日-11月30日可以扫描饮料商标抢礼品! 【主要功能】1、扫条码查网价: 扫描商品条形码,立刻知晓在淘宝、天猫、京东、当当、1号店等主要购物网站的价格,还可

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( OFFTIME ) v.kit.3.0.11

Unplug, just enough.( OFFTIME ) lets you monitor and customize your connectivity so you can do the things that matter. Unplug and focus on your work,

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易外卖 2.0.3

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虎扑跑步 3.2.1

“减肥健身好指南,跑步训练好帮手”。风格最小清新的跑步软件就在这里!虎扑跑步,同万千跑者共同追求时尚健康运动!用虎扑跑步,您可以精确记录每次跑步的数据(时间、距离、卡路里),秒速打开、即时定位,无需等待让你随时随地畅快跑步!主要功能- 单次跑步目标设置,实时查询完成进度 - 真人语音播报提醒,边跑边

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彩云天气 3.1.0


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Tuudo 1.3.0

“Simplicity is the ultimate form of sophistication(大道至简)” -- Leonardo da VinciTuudo是一款待办事项应用:

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The most comprehensive application about the Moon for Android. A great tool for astronomers, photographers, hunters. ---------------------------------

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Pitu’s blockbuster launch “Crazy Cosplay” has fueled the hot topic “Wuzetian Cosplay”. Pitu surged to 1st place of App store in Mainland China, Hongko

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美团外卖 5.8.5

美团外卖,最好的手机订餐平台特价套餐,下单立减,6元管饱还送饮料!优惠根本停不下来。已覆盖50000+家餐厅,5000+ 品牌连锁餐厅,全国已开通100+城市。高温、雨天、宵夜不想出门?动动手指,即可下单,45分钟即可送达。中餐、西餐、小吃、快餐、饮料甜点...,想订神马就定神马。还在等什么,马上下

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Anjuke 10.8

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LifeClock 1.1

LifeClock is:A simple widget. It displays days lived so far. The clock is ticking.Source: https://github.com/icechen1/LifeClock

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Ahorro 1.2.4

Ahorro is designed by simple, clear and understandable interface. With the intention of friendly usability design, users now can record and track down

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Fitness tracking made simple, and beautiful. Seamlessly integrated with Dropbox to backup and sync your workout sessions and programs to all your devi

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dulife 2.0.1


1351 13.27 MB

The Nike Golf 360 app provides the measurement and motivation you need to improve your golf game. Score your rounds, analyze your performance, track y

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折800 4.19.2

【应用简介】 每天千余款商品更新推荐“9块9包邮”天天有 每日特价,天天包邮,优惠根本停不下来【应用说明】 折800(原淘800)手机客户端是由中国最大的独立团购导航网站团800为手机用户推出的超值网购应用。聚合淘宝、聚划算、天猫等9块9包邮淘品,及京东、当当、苏宁易购、亚马逊等给力折扣信息。

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SleepTimer 2.3.6

Sleep Timer lets you fall asleep to your favorite music. You simply start your music, and then set the countdown timer. At the end of the countdown, S

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Moving clouds and streaks from the traffic enhance this beautiful long-exposure image of a city at night. Has full support for both portrait and land

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2000团 1.8

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Clue 3.6.9

Clue predicts dates for your next period, PMS and the days you’re more or less likely to get pregnant. Are your moods related to your cycle? Just trac

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